Before I fall review



Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver



For popular high school senior Samantha Kingston, February 12—”Cupid Day”—should be one big party, a day of valentines and roses and the privileges that come with being at the top of the social pyramid. And it is…until she dies in a terrible accident that night.

However, she still wakes up the next morning. In fact, Sam lives the last day of her life seven times, until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes, she may hold more power than she ever imagined.


My Review:


I decided to read this one as I heard it was being made into a movie and I always prefer to read the book first. I had mixed emotions through this book and had put off writing the review for a bit because it was difficult to explain my feelings and thoughts about it.


The start of the book was a bit too slow and dull for me. This book is separated into days rather than chapters and the first day or so seemed very cliche to me, kind of like the author had never actually experienced high school and was more going off the over exaggerated version of high school that you see in movies and TV. Also, in the earlier part of the book the protagonist, Sam Kingston, seemed to be an extremely stereotypical teenager and a very one dimensional character. These things combined made me put the book down many times and I was tempted to just stop reading it, but I hate leaving things unfinished so I pushed on.


As the story went on and I got into the middle and later days, I started to feel a little bit connected to the story and Sam Kingston. It was about mid way through the book that I started to get somewhat interested in the story.


Once I finished the book I wasn’t that fussed about it, but I went on with other things and began reflecting about the book. I realised that I had been measuring the quality of the book by what I expected it to be about when I began reading it. I was expecting a book that would be more of an epic story where I would be taken on a interesting adventure. Instead, what I got was a story that made me think about myself, my life and the people around me. Once I realised that this was closer to the aim of the book, I began to see it in a different light.


Upon this realisation, I was then able to form a better connection with the story and I was able to better see and understand the messages this book held. One of the strongest messages this book conveyed, in my opinion, is that there is so much more to a person than what we see. I was also reminded that we can never truly know what is going on in another persons heart and mind or we often don’t know the reasons for why people are the way they are. This story also conveyed how big of an impact we can have on others and that our choices not only affect us.


Thinking about this story in sort of an inspirational / life lesson way definitely changed and increased my opinion of this book, it is definitely a book that will make you think and evaluate your own life. So, my rating is based more on the reflection and evaluation it encourages in the reader than on the interesting nature of the story.


Rating: 3.5 /5 stars


Catherine ♥


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