The Dragon’s Hoard August Box



The August box from The Dragon’s Hoard arrived a few weeks ago but I was away from home for a little while so I’m sorry for the late blog post.


The theme for this month was Be Your Best Self. This was the description of the box “A lot of modern-day ideas come from Plato, the Greek philosopher. But most compelling was his belief that people should try to be their best selves. Only then could we live in a fair and just society. If that sounds boring to you, trust me, it isn’t, and this month’s book shows just how much chaos trying to be your best self, or making others be their best selves against their will, can be. Oh, and there are gods.”

FullSizeRender 3.jpg



Just like last month, I absolutely adored this box, I was so happy as I went through the box and discovered each item. The items included this month are wonderful and the book sounds amazing. So without further ado, here is the August box:





This month’s book has such a beautiful cover and it sounds like an amazing story, I can’t wait to read it. The bookmark matches the book perfectly. It is so pretty, on the other side of it there is a beautiful design with foil too.


I am loving the unique themes that we are getting with this subscription box, they are so different to what is being offered by other subscription boxes. I am also loving getting the chance to discover some great lesser known books that I probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.


The theme for the September box has been announced and it is … 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

The ties that bind us to each other are powerful and varied. Family, friends, responsibility, history, love, hate, all the books we love the most are the ones where characters are bound so tightly together.”

We already know a little bit about what will be included in this box:

  • A book released earlier this year by an indie author. It’s somewhere between YA dystopia and YA sci fi.
  • One of the items is from a recently launched Australia business and The Dragon’s Hoard is the first subscription box to feature an item from them.


Subscriptions for the September box is now open. If you would like to subscribe use my code ESCAPEREAD10 to receive 10% of the price of the box.


Subscribe here! 


Catherine ♥


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